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Emo dating - Useful tips on how to date an emo girl

Is it possible to date an emo girl? Sure, why not? I had the pleasure to date some of them so it’s absolutely possible. Although they require a bit more attention and patience. Sometimes it can be a bit tricky to win their trust due to their unique nature. They can be a bit harder to get than random tomboys or nerdy chicks. Don’t feel discouraged though, it’s still easier than dating your regular popular normie girls.

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Emo dating site girls

If you want to go an a date with one of them you should definitely read this, it can help you a lot to understand how to handle them.

There can be various types of emo girls, since they’re obviously just people too and all people are different. Some of them, most commonly seen, are the quiet sweet type. They can be shy, gentle and quiet and much like ordinary girls for the most part. They aren’t necessarily the type to self-harm and like to hang out with other emo girls, going around their daily lives. Sometimes they can get a little emotional but that’s okay. All you need to do is be patient and kind with them. Not pushing too much and letting them feel safe with you.

Another type is the “I don’t care/I hate everyone type. Usually they don’t accept authority and hate being patronized. Sometimes they are quite depressed and hate their life. They are edgy and don’t trust people easily. Don’t run away at once if she curses you out. It might just be a low key cry for help, since it’s hard for them to establish contact with people and they are usually alone. Sometimes they self-harm too. With this type you’re gonna need lots of patience, but don’t be too soft. Don’t get brushed off or be a pushover. Show your firm side but at the same time show her you understand why she’s acting edgy and let her know you are willing to be by her side when she needs you. You can easily become her hero.